Jennifer: The Scale Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story!

Physical set backs are one of the top things that derail fat loss goals.  This tenacious lady would not let a sprained foot early on in her fitness journey stop her progress.  She would strap on her boot and come to boot camp modifying anything that she couldn’t physically do because of her foot.  Due to her never quit attitude and her commitment to diet she has quickly seen some incredible results.  This is Jennifer’s story!

How long have you been exercising consistently?

Approximately 3.5 months

What influenced your decision to get dedicated and be consistently active?

To feel better, feel more confident and to increase energy so I can keep up with my teenagers.

How much weight/inches/jean sizes have you lost?

I have lost two jean sizes since starting boot camp.

What are the changes you’ve seen in yourself?

I barely made it through my first week and now I can do 2 classes a day.  I am definitely more confident and happier.

What is your favorite thing about Boot Camp?

My favorite thing about boot camp is the people!  I love the energy and not knowing what we are doing each day.

What Exercise most scared you at first?

The row scared me the most, I thought I might fall. 

Can you briefly tell me why you continue to do Boot Camp?

I continue doing Boot Camp because it’s like come to see family every day. 

What are some of your biggest barriers to staying active and how do you overcome those barriers?

I would say time and my proximity to the gym.  I’ve overcome this by making it a part of my day both on my way to work and on my way home.

Since becoming consistent with your exercise, what’s the biggest change you see in yourself physically and mentally?

Mentally, I am more focused and able to handle stress better.  Physically, I am stronger, have more endurance and can make it through the day without being sleepy.

How would you classify your current eating habits?

Great!  I truly love the Keto diet/lifestyle.

Do you have a specific diet/eating strategy that you follow?


Do you have a favorite go to healthy meal or food?

Sugar free iced white mocha and low carb pancakes.

Do you have advice for someone contemplating starting a fitness/weight loss journey or advice for someone struggling to stay motivated?

Consistency and commitment are the keys.  Think of it as a lifestyle and don’t worry about the scale it doesn’t tell the whole story.  Don’t be fearful, try everything and modify as needed.

I want to thank Jennifer for sharing her story with us and want to point out a few things that might provide others with motivation.  First, Jennifer mentioned that she has currently lost 2 jean sizes and said not to worry about the scale.  If you’re working hard in the weight room your scale weight will not decrease the way you want it to but you will be improving the health of your metabolism and you will lose inches and jean sizes.  Second, she mentioned several times about the people being one of her favorite things about boot camp.  A strong support system that motivates, encourages and holds you accountable are important to success.  Find that encouraging support system.  Last, one of the best things you can do for your mental health is get active and get strong.  Current research tells us that the stronger you become physically the more confident you become.  Improve your physical strength to increase your mental strength, the two go hand in hand.  You have what it takes to meet any goal you want to set.  The real key is being like Jennifer and not let anything get in the way of you taking action every day!

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