Jerry: Staying Strong So I Can Do The Things I Love To Do!

Today I want to introduce you to Jerry.  Jerry is one of a kind and although I’ve given up on his diet he is one of the most fit and strongest at Boot Camp.  When I asked Jerry to tell his story he asked me multiple times if I was sure I wanted his story because his go to meal is and I quote “My go to meal is Denny s grand slam 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 toast and 2 hash browns.   Don’t forget the cheese in the eggs, the hot sauce, butter, jelly, and ketchup. UMMM.”  If you want the truth just ask Jerry, but be ready for an answer you may not like.

So Jerry, When did you decide to get fit?

A little over a year ago I was in the pool at OBU wrestling with a group of boys at church camp.  After a short period of time it became apparent I was going to lose.  Ha!Ha! I had to hide behind the women in the group for protection.  It was then I decided I needed to get in shape.  You know the whole “Rocky” thing, NOT.  One of the guys in my men’s group invited me to work out on base.  I’ve never really cared for exercise but thought I would give it a try.  Now I’ve been training at Boot Camp for more than a year.

How has consistent exercise helped you?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to be small, just in better shape, stronger and have more endurance.  I have lost just over two inches in my waist and my wife tells me she notices I am leaner with more muscle definition.  Working out daily has increased my ability to sleep six to eight hours a night and lowered my stress and hostility.

Was there something specific that made you decide to get serious about your health?

Now that I’m closer to 50 than 40, I’ve noticed a lot of the older guys I’ve listened to my whole life are really suffering.  I’ve heard them say over and over “When I retire”.  Well, now that they are retiring, they are too fat or weak to do the things they were always going to do “when they retired”.  I pray every day that GOD will not take away the things I love to do.  GOD always meets us where we are but requires us to do our part.   Now, I’m doing my PART to get healthier and keep moving.

Tell me about your diet and don’t hold anything back?

As far as diet, that’s a laugh!!  I have tried to eat more salads and green veggies and cut out the extra sugar and sodas. Well maybe not the sodas so much.  I pretty much eat what I want, when I want, and I am not so much into portion control.  We eat buffet at least once a week and I love David’s double burger, all you can eat fries and an ice cream cone for desert.

What would you tell others who are contemplating starting a fitness program?

I can definitely tell a difference in my strength and ability, even though I haven’t lost much weight or gained a ton of endurance.  It is really important to me to “keep on keeping on.”  I’ve learned getting fit only takes a little time every day, but it’s important to be consistent.  Besides; like the title of my favorite story “What is Time to a Pig”.

I want to thank Jerry for sharing his fitness story.  Jerry gives all of us an important insight.  We all know those folks who have great plans for retirement only to see them unable to do those things when retirement finally arrives.  You have to do the work in your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s to see reap the benefits in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond.  I promise if God is willing I will still be knocking out squats and push-ups while leading Boot Camp when I’m 90.  In addition, I will continue to pray for Jerry’s diet and at least he does take his Turmeric.

Inspiring Others to Take the Challenge,

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