Keto Sample Meal Plan

I want to provide you with an idea of what a keto meal plan might look like and you can mix this up however you want.  In addition, there are other FREE meal plans on-line.

Sample Breakfast Options:

Breakfast Option 1:

2-3 Scrambled Eggs in Butter, ½ cup Onions, ½ cup mushrooms, 2 pieces of bacon

Breakfast Option 2:

2 Sausages, 1 cup bell peppers, ½ avocado, 1 oz. mozzerela cheese

Breakfast Option 3:

1 Keto Waffle:


Sample Lunch Options

Lunch Option 1:

1 Chicken Breast cooked in butter, 1 cup Broccoli, 1 Slice Pepper Jack Cheese, ½ cup Onions, 2 Pieces Bacon

Lunch Option 2:

1 cup cooked Ground Beef, 1 tomato, ½ cup cheddar cheese, 1 avocado, ½ cup onions, ½ sour cream

Lunch Option 3:

1 cup Lettuce, ½ cup mushrooms, ½ cup cherry tomato, ¼ cup carrots, 1 chicken breast, crumbled bacon, olive oil and vinegar

Sample Dinner Options

Dinner Option 1

2 Pork Chops cooked in butter, 1 cup broccoli, 1 cup cauliflower, ½ whipped cottage cheese w handful of blueberries

Dinner Option 2

2 Grilled Talapia, ½ cup grilled onions, diced tomatoes, ½ avocado, crushed almonds sprinkled on fish

Dinner Option 3

Keto Beef Stew,


Sample Snack Options

Snack Option 1

Beef Jerky

Snack Option 2

Handful of Pecans and Almonds

Snack Option 3

Veggie and Dip,


This provides a basic format for meal planning.  In addition, I encourage individuals to take a multi-vitamin supplement, probiotic and turmeric daily while also drinking 65-80 oz. of water per day.


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