Melanie: Never Let Fear Stop You!


Today, I want to introduce you to Melanie.  Melanie does everything it takes to get fit and stay fit because she knows key to fitness success has less to do with what you do and everything to do with how hard you work and how consistent you are with working out.  Melanie is Ms. Consistency and she knows how to crank up the intensity as well.  In addition, she doesn’t let injuries put her on the sidelines.  Instead she finds ways to work around those injuries and continue to work toward her goal.

So Melanie, how long have you been exercising consistently?
5 months I have been working out since May 31, 2016

What influenced your decision to get dedicated and be consistently active?
I had been a runner but due to complications from a surgery I had to stop. I gained weight and realized it wasn’t going to come off until I started getting active again.  In addition, I want to be a good role model for my grandchildren.

What all do you do to stay active?
I do boot camp Monday thru Saturday.  Until a foot injury I was running 3.5 miles on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and hiking.

What are some of your biggest barriers to staying active and how do you overcome those barriers?
One barrier is being afraid to try something new or challenging myself to do more. I remind myself; everyone is new at one time or another and there should be no fear.  Time can also be a barrier and you must make health a priority.  I have also learned to say no to people that want to schedule events or appointments during my scheduled workout times.  I’ve made a commitment contract in my journal to run and be at boot camp on specific days and times.  I try very hard not to schedule anything on those days or during those times. If it is necessary to schedule a work appointment at that time I always make a commitment to work out at another time.  In addition, I’ve learned to like morning runs rather than evening runs

Since becoming consistent with your exercise, what’s the biggest change you see in yourself physically and mentally?
Physically my runs aren’t as hard as they were.  I have more physical strength than I’ve ever had. I used to feel mentally exhausted from work or other stresses; by exercising I can work out those stresses. I am also more focused and more regimented in daily activity.

How would you classify your current eating habits?  
My eating habits are not perfect or always where I want them to be. I struggle with sweets. I for the most part cook meals that are healthy and rarely eat out. I allow myself one cheat day per week in order not to deprive myself of the things I crave, but also try very hard not to go overboard on that day.

Do you have a specific diet/eating strategy that you follow?
No I do not. I eat as many veggies, fruits and proteins as possible and stay away from simple/processed carbs.

Do you have a favorite go to healthy meal or food?
Absolutely, ground turkey and sweet potato chili.  My favorite foods right now are sweet potato, butternut squash, ground turkey and finding recipes that combine them in soups with a Mexican flare. The spicier the better.

Do you have advice for someone contemplating starting a fitness/weight loss journey or advice for someone struggling to stay motivated?
My advice for someone contemplating starting a fitness/weight loss journey would be; don’t wait and don’t let fear stop you.  Make your health top priority. Another piece of advice is if this journey is one you start with a friend or family member do not let their commitment determine your commitment. Make a promise to yourself the commitment is first and foremost for you.  If the person you started this journey with quits, DON’T STOP!  To stay motivated, I suggest finding people at the gym who are just as motivated as you are and push each other to new goals. Find someone who will hold you accountable. I have made greats friends at Expect Results Fitness who hold me accountable, encourage me to do more and it makes me want to do it for someone else as well as myself.

Thank you Melanie for sharing your story with us.  I know you are an inspiration to your friends as well as your family.  Melanie shared some great take a ways that anyone can use.  First, make your health a priority and schedule that priority accordingly.  Second, its OK to have a treat day on your diet.  Being too stringent on your diet will lead to binges and then lead to feelings of defeat that sidetrack the whole process.  By giving yourself permission to have a treat day enables you to eat some of the foods you crave, but then get back on track the very next day with none of the guilt.  Third, finding motivated friends to help you on your journey is the most important piece of any fitness and weight loss process.  Since starting Expect Results Fitness, my biggest satisfaction is watching people build new friendships and helping each other achieve more out of life every day.

Inspiring Others to Accept the Challenge,

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