Muscle Drives Fat Loss!

As I stated in my last post we will be changing programming a bit.  If you’re serious about reshaping your body and stripping the fat, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s will become two of the most important days of the week.  Tuesday will primarily be leg, glute and arm day while Thursday will be chest, back and arm day.  Although we will target upper and lower body both days the primary focus will be the fore mentioned parts.  While this type of training may seem somewhat boring at first and doesn’t get your heart beating the way circuit, tabata or kickboxing circuit do.  This type of training is essential to building muscle and stripping fat.

Three Training Option’s

We will provide three different options, beginners, intermediates and advanced.  If you really want fat burning results, strive to get to the advanced stage of training.  If your happy with your current results stick with the intermediate training.  However, with that said it’s very important to slowly build your way to advanced stage to avoid injury.  In addition, you will want to monitor how your joints feel and reduce reps and weight if you’re not recovering properly.

If your joining for the first time or maybe have been out of the gym for a month or two you will probably want to use the beginner programming.  If you’ve been training for a while and are happy with your results and want to maintain use the intermediate plan.  If you’re striving to cut more fat and get in the best shape of your life do the advanced plan.

You’re probably asking how do the plans differ.  Well it’s all in how much weight you use and most importantly how many total reps you’re doing.  The key to increasing muscle definition is what figure and physique competitors call time under tension or total reps under a load completed during one set.  The more time under tension the more your muscles will breakdown and as a result will repair and grow.

The Program

The upper body and lower body are very different and require different training techniques to accomplish the same goal.  For the upper body we will use sets of 10-15 reps but for the lower body we will be using 12-20 reps.  As a beginner you will build a base for your muscles and joints accomplishing between 30-40 total reps per exercise (total reps are accomplished over 2-4 sets).  Intermediate training can be used as a stepping stone to the next level for some or maintaining for others.  For these folks they will accomplish 50-80 reps per exercise.  For those really wanting to change their body, they will accomplish 80-120 reps.  The advanced programming may take a little longer than 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Sample Beginners Programming Legs and Arms:  (Exercises will vary from week to week)

Exercise                                               Reps                      Sets

Chest Press with Bands                 10                           3-4

Biceps Curls                                        10                           3-4

Triceps Ext                                          10                           3-4

Squats                                                  10                           3-4

Lunges                                                  10                           3-4

Crunches                                             10                           3-4

Flutter Kick                                         10                           3-4


Sample Intermediate Programming:  (Exercises will vary from week to week)

Exercise                                               Reps                      Sets

Chest Press with Bands                 15                           3-4

Biceps Curls                                        15                           3-4

Triceps Ext                                          15                           3-4

Squats                                                  20                           3-4

Lunges                                                  20                           3-4

Crunches                                             20                           3-4

Flutter Kick                                         20                           3-4


Sample Advanced Programming:  (Exercises will vary from week to week)

Exercise                                               Reps                      Sets

Chest Press with Bands                 15                           4-6

Biceps Curls                                        15                           4-6

Triceps Ext                                          15                           4-6

Squats                                                  20                           4-6

Lunges                                                  20                           4-6

Crunches                                             30                           4-6

Flutter Kick                                         30                           4-6

More Flexibility to Honor Your Time

In addition, on Tuesday and Thursdays you can show up anytime and start the workout.  For mornings and evenings you may start anytime between 5:30 and 7:20AM or 4:30 and 6:30PM.  I will strive to open earlier for lunch class on Tuesday and Thursdays and you can begin as soon as we open.  This will provide more flexibility for your schedule on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Beach Bodies are Built January thru May!

I look forward to seeing what YOUR commitment will accomplish this winter and can’t wait to see how happy you’ll look when Spring and Summer rolls around.  Remember, January thru May is when you get ready for the beach.

Inspiring Others To Accept the Challenge,


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    1. Yes! We will always have an 11:15 class. On Tuesday and Thursday we will do out best to be there by 11:00 so people can get started.

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