Wendy’s: Can She Help You Lose Weight?

I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from the fast food tips so I will keep them coming.  Today I did some research on one of my favorite places.  I fell in love with Ms. Wendy while I was in college and she will always have a special place in my heart and stomach.  Not going to lie I was a little scared to do the research here but Wendy’s has some pretty good choices.  Once again let me say good quality protein, vegetables and fruits are your best choices but if your caught in a pinch and you need a go to, Wendy’s could be the place.

The sausage and egg burrito is your best choice for breakfast.  This tasty burrito contains 270 calories and only 12 grams of carbs.  This could be an excellent way to start your day if you don’t have access to your eggs and sauerkraut.

I was surprised the small vanilla frosty only has 280 calories but is loaded with sugar (47 grams) which makes it a no no if your trying to lose weight.  Half an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad or Half a BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad are both great options.  Both come in at 180 and 210 calories with only 17 grams of carbs  and most of those carbs are good carbs..

The 1/4 lb burger with the bun is a no go at 580 calories and 42 grams of carbs, however trade the bun for lettuce and you reduce the calorie count to 400 and lower the carb count to nearly zero.  Another option is the Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger with the bun its 400 calories and 25 grams or carbs and without the bun its 300 calories and nearly zero carbs.

I’m not a chicken nugget guy but the 6 piece nugget or spicy nugget packs 280 calories and only 15 grams of carbs.  In addition, the Grilled Chicken Go Wrap is 260 calories and 25 grams of carbs.

You can have all the black coffee and unsweetened tea you want but stay away from the other drinks because they are loaded with calories and sugar.

Wendy’s is a restaurant with several choices but doesn’t replace the home kitchen.  Make sure your taking a liquid or gummy vitamin if you are a frequent restaurant visitor.

Helping you make better food choices,

Rachel: Skinny Doesn’t Mean You’re Strong!

Exercising regularly and eating right isn’t always about losing weight.  Sometimes it’s about maintaining your current health, getting stronger and helping support others.  I want to introduce you to the pound for pound strongest lady at Expect Results Fitness.So Rachel how long have you been exercising consistently?

I’ve always struggled being consistent with exercise.  I would run because it was the only thing I knew how to do.  Even when I had a gym membership I would stay on an elliptical or on the treadmill because I was intimidated by other equipment.  I would occasionally attend Zumba class but I didn’t stay consistent with it.  I am proud to say since joining Expect Results Fitness in June of last year I have exercised regularly.

What influenced your decision to get consistent?

I’ve always wanted to be active and healthier and I remember a specific moment in my life where I was not happy with myself and that I needed to do something about it.  I know a lot of people think that I’m already “skinny” and that there’s nothing that I need to change, but being “skinny” doesn’t mean you’re fit and healthy and I wanted to be fit and healthy.  When my friend Cheryl recommended Expect Results Fitness I went and tried it.  I struggled at first, but at the same time I felt good after.  After going consistently for a few weeks and referring other people, someone asked me why I liked working out so much and I remember saying that it’s not like I like working out but rather the feeling I get after the workout.  The workouts continuously challenge me, everyone is supportive, and the feeling of accomplishment I get every time I go is what keeps me consistent.  Having a workout partner Brooke also helps me stay motivated.

What all do you do to stay active?

I go to boot camp 4-6 days per week and am currently training for a ½ marathon.  My best friend (Brooke) and I go for the occasional hike and run.  I run races in the area when I can and walk my dog Spencer.  I also go on runs with my husband Thomas.

What are some of the barriers you encounter and how do you overcome those barriers?

My biggest barriers are finding the time and staying motivated.  Having a full time job, being a full time student and everything in between makes it difficult to stay consistent.  Knowing what your day is going to look like and planning helps me.  In addition, having a back-up plan when your original plan falls apart is very important.  Finding what you enjoy doing and having great people around keeps me motivated.  Brooke my workout buddy keeps me on my toes about going to the gym consistently.

Since becoming consistent with exercise what’s the biggest difference you see in yourself physically and mentally?

Physically I feel stronger and mentally I am happier.  I also believe it helps me stay positive.  Boot Camp has been my therapy.  I know every time I go I won’t regret it and I will feel better than I did before.

How would you classify your current eating habits?

I would classify my eating habits as good.  I know they could be better but I always try to pick healthy options and I’ve also been trying new things that can be an alternative to a not so healthy snack.  I try to improve my diet one choice at a time.

Do you have a diet strategy?

I focus on portion control and finding healthy alternatives to guilty pleasures.

Do you have a favorite go to meal?

I love banana’s, it’s my go to pre-workout snack.  Oatmeal with dried cranberries and raisins are good as well.  After workout I enjoy banana and peanut butter smoothies I make myself.

Do you have advice for someone contemplating starting a fitness journey or advice for someone struggling to stay consistent?

Just go for it!  You will not regret it.  Find something you look forward to doing and surround yourself with great people who support you.  Find an accountability partner, remind yourself that change does not occur overnight, and every time you think about giving up focus on the reason you started in the first place.

I would like to thank Rachel for sharing her story.  I love what she said about being skinny.  I’ve know lots of skinny people who are extremely unhealthy.  Thanks for reminding everyone that health is not a size it’s a state of being.   Total health is about being strong, aerobically fit and all about what you eat every day.  All three of these variables are within every persons control everyday dependent on the choices YOU make.

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What Do You Do When McDonald’s is the Only Choice?


Every morning when I’m leaving boot camp I drive by McDonald’s and am amazed at the number of people in the drive through. If you’re wanting to lose weight McDonald’s is not the place to start your day unless you’re prepared to order outside the box.  A sausage egg and biscuit contains 510 calories and 36 grams of carbs (personally thought there would be more carbs).  The big breakfast with hot cakes contain 1090 calories and 111 grams of carbs (all simple carbs).  That’s all the carbs you need for the entire day, OUCH!  A Sausage McMuffin contains 360 calories and 29 grams of simple carbs which is the major problem with McDonald’s.

So how do you fix breakfast?

It is possible to eat breakfast at McDonald’s but you must go rogue.  Get an egg or two with sausage minus the biscuit or McMuffin.  An egg is about 80-100 calories while the sausage is around 100-120 calories, but more importantly there’s zero simple carbs.  When eating on the go you must always ask the question.  How do I eliminate simple carbs from this meal?

If you choose to eat lunch or dinner at McDonald’s you must become Yoda and choose wisely.  The Big Mac has 550 calories and 46 grams of carbs.  A simple cheese burger has 300 calories and 33 grams of carbs.  Even the grilled chicken sandwich contains 350 calories and 42 grams of simple carbs.

Ever since I watched “Super Size Me” Chicken McNuggets have not been on my menu, but the 6 piece does meet our weight loss criteria at 280 calories and only 18 grams of carbs.  The grilled chicken chilpotle BBQ wraps will also work at 270 calories and 25 grams of carbs.  The bacon ranch premium garden salad with grilled chicken would be my personal pick at 230 calories and 10 grams of great complex carbs.

McDonald’s has a very limited menu if you’re serious about losing weight and getting healthy.  Outside the salad, vegetables are non-existent. (french fries, pickles & ketchup don’t count as a vegetable).  In addition, McDonald’s food contains very few vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  If you are absolutely out of options McDonald’s provides a few quick options that will work in a pinch.

Helping You Make the Best Choice with a Bad Option,


Monica: The Best Measure of Success is How Your Clothes Fit!


Allow me to introduce you to Monica one of the many teachers who attend Fitness Boot Camp. Monica started training with us about 9 months ago after being invited by her friend Gina. Monica’s worked extremely hard and has reshaped her body as a result.

So Monica, what motivated you to become so dedicated to getting in shape?

My decision to get dedicated and be consistent was the need for something new. I was tired of the same boring routine. When I completed my first week at Expect Results Fitness, I knew this was the place for me. I loved that my body was confused each day. I didn’t get bored. The atmosphere was amazing and encouraging.

Thank you for the compliment. All the amazing people and the way they encourage each other is really what makes Fitness Boot Camp successful. Other than Boot Camp what else do you do to stay fit and healthy?

Include everything from hiking to landscaping to jazzercise. I stay active by running the stairs at the high school once a week, complete several 5k’s a year, hike with my son and neighbors and I try to get in my 10,000 steps a day.

Can you tell us about some of the barriers you run into on a routine basis and how you overcome those barriers?

Some of my biggest barriers to stay active are the need for sleep, little time, and busy work schedule. Doing the school year, I had to push myself to wake up and work out at 5:30 in the morning. I’m not a morning person. I had energy to work with my 2nd grade boys and girls each day. I was sometimes too drained to work out after school. I made sure to dedicate 4 to 5 days to work out. During the summer, I’m able to work out and do some 2-a-days. I make sure to do 5 or 6 days during this summer.

Since getting more consistent what are some of the differences you’ve seen in your physical and mental health?

The biggest difference I see physically is the way my clothes fit. I can see my waist. My backside is lifted and rounder. That’s a plus! I feel stronger. I never thought that I would be lifting weights, doing weighted squats and deadlifting. I hated lunges but now we are friends. The biggest difference mentally is that I’m more alert. I am able to think clearer. I no longer have brain fog.

How would you classify you diet? (Good, Bad or Ugly)

My eating habits are pretty good. I completed The Clean Eatery for 4 weeks. It allowed me to eat foods that I normally wouldn’t touch. I enjoyed the program. I will now experiment with some of the new foods that I had with the program. I love a good salad with chicken! I do have a bad sweet tooth. I’ve had It, as long as, I can remember. I love candy and ice cream! I try to limit my intake of candy and ice cream. The struggle is real, when it comes to my sweet treats.

Do you have a specific diet or eating strategy?

I don’t have a specific diet. I have a hard time following a diet. I have commitment issues with diets. I just try to eat healthy. I eat mostly chicken, turkey, and fish. I rarely eat red meat. I do eat my veggies and fruit. I have greatly cut back on my breads and pastas. This had helped out my stomach a lot. I did participate in the veggie fasting the last part of the school year. I will probably start that up again, when school starts.

What is your go to healthy meal of choice?

My favorite go to healthy meal is a delicious salad. I love salads. Any kind of salad will work for me. Caesar salads are so yummy. Grilled chicken and strawberry salads are so refreshing.

What advice do you have for someone contemplating starting a fitness journey or someone struggling to stay with their current fitness journey?

The advice I could give someone contemplating starting a fitness/weight loss journey is to make the first step and just do it. You have to step out of your comfort zone. Forget about what people will think. Try something new and have fun. Give yourself some time and don’t be too hard on yourself. The weight won’t fall off in a week. It takes time to work it off but it will happen.
The advice for someone struggling to stay motivated is to change up your routine. Work out at a different time. You may meet a new friend. Find an accountability partner. Buy yourself a new workout outfit or shoes. I always feel good in a new pair of workout pants.

Thank you for sharing your current fitness journey with us Monica. Monica is the epitome of consistency and that’s the real key to losing weight and getting fit. Look at your schedule and determine the best way to lock fitness into your schedule. In addition, strength training builds muscle and changes your busy more than any other type of training. Monica has learned that the scale isn’t the best measure of success. The best measure of success is how your clothes fit. Buying new (smaller) clothes or fitting into some of your old clothes is the best measure of success!

Inspiring Others To Take the Challenge,


Can I Lose Fat Eating Sonic?

Over the past two or three months I’ve taken notice to a common theme around fitness boot camp.  The theme is life is very busy and as a result you don’t have time to plan meals and even cook dinner on a lot of nights.  It’s easier to go through a drive through and pick something up.  With that said, I want to help you make better choices when eating out.

There’s no secret that my 4:30 PM class has a fondness for Sonic.  So let’s visit fastfoodnutrition.org and find some things you can eat at Sonic and still lose weight.  I’ll be honest I went into this thinking that finding something at Sonic would not be that big a deal, but it was.  A regular Burger with a bun is between 600-700 calories dependent on what you put on it.  The enlarged buns they use carry a whopping 200 calories of nothing more than 46 grams of pure simple carbohydrates ready to drive up sugar and insulin levels and be stored as fat.  So what do you do?

You basically have about 4-5 not so great choices. You can go with the regular burger and have them put it on lettuce instead of a bun.  Now you’re down to 400-450 calories which is doable for most.  You could have the Jr. Cheese Burger for 380 calories or remove the bun and lower the carbs 32 grams and calorie count to 260.  The grilled chicken wrap could work but it’s still 430 calories and 42 grams of carbs.  The Jr. Breakfast Burrito could work at 280 calories and 23 grams of carbs.  On the drink side of the house you basically have water and milk with everything else loaded with sugar or artificial sweetener.

Let’s just say Sonic is not fat loss friendly with most meals ranging from 600-1400 calories and all are loaded with simple carbs which spell disaster for weight loss.

Gina’s Fitness Story: Get Fit Doing What You Love

Sometimes lifting weight or running may not be your thing. Doing something that’s enjoyable is an important part keeping you active and healthy.  Today I want to introduce you to Gina and let her tell you her fitness story. 


So Gina how long have you been consistently active?
I’ve been active for the past 4-5 years.  My number 1 love is Zumba.  I also attend Boot Camp with my husband and son and walk and jog as well.  But I really love all kinds of dancing like Salsa, Jazzercize, Dance Fitness, etc.  I love anything that lets me dance and break a sweat.

I think doing what you love to do is important and will make you more consistent and help you stick with it for the long run.  Can you tell me what’s influenced you to stay active the past 4-5 years?
Finding something that I really enjoy doing, and then realizing that I feel good after working up a sweat. But honestly, I am not 100% dedicated. I struggle every day with excuses to not workout.  Even though I feel better, I still have a daily internal struggle to get moving. I am very thankful and blessed to have a husband, son and friends that help keep me motivated and on track.

You mentioned that you struggle every day.  Can you tell me about some of the barriers you face and overcome to keep you on track?
Some of my biggest barriers to staying active include: my work schedule, lack of sleep, not enough hours in the day, and that inner child that is lazy and rebellious. My two biggest supporters (Fred and Trevor) really work hard to keep me on track. I am praying that one day I will catch the bug and help motivate someone else to exercise.

I think consistent exercise is more important to your total health than just about weight loss.  Can you tell me about how consistent exercise has helped both your physical health and mental health? 
Since becoming more active, I am able to move and not get tired or out of breath. The biggest difference is mental – I have suffered from anxiety and depression- and exercise really helps to lift your spirits. I am still a bit anxious at times, but my mental health has definitely improved.

Let’s talk about diet for a minute.  When it comes to health diet is probably equal to or more important than exercise.  How would you classify your current diet?
My eating habits are in that gray area between good and bad. Our household is trying to eat a healthy diet 80% of the time… but we do have a few off days.

Do you have a specific diet strategy and what is your go to healthy meal?
I rarely drink soda. I rarely eat bread. I try to stick with veggies and meat… but sometimes those pesky carbs find their way onto my plate.  My go to meal is a salad with Romaine, spinach, feta, cranberries, green apple and grilled chicken… with a raspberry vinaigrette.

So, do you have advice for someone contemplating starting a fitness journey or for someone struggling to stay on course?
I would say, just START! That’s the hardest part. Then I would say, find a friend to help you stay on track. Support is essential!

Thanks Gina for sharing your fitness story.  I think anyone who reads this will see the common thread.  Having a support network of spouse, kids or friends is essential to maintaining it for the long haul.  Over the past 20+ years I’ve been doing this, most of my biggest successes who maintain a fit lifestyle long term all have a spouse or good friend who comes along side on a daily basis.  In addition, finding something you like to do is also important.  My hope is that each of these stories help inspire someone to get started on their fitness journey or help someone get back on track.  I hope Gina’s fitness story touched one of you.

Inspiring Others to Accept the Challenge,

The Science of Weight Loss; The Angry Hormone Triad!

Why is losing weight so hard?  The answer lies in the angry hormone triad.  The hormones leptin, insulin and cortisol dictate whether you lose or gain weight.  Get the angry hormone triad under control and you can lose weight.

Leptin is a hormone that’s designed to manage metabolism.  When leptin is functioning normal your metabolism roars on like a well tuned engine burning up the pizza you had last night.  In addition, it curves your appetite making you feel less hungry.  However, when leptin is out of balance your subconscious mind takes over because leptin takes over your brain.  Even though you are 50 lbs overweight leptin tells your brain you are hungry and need to eat.  At the same time your metabolism is grinding to a halt and stalling causing all that food your brain is telling you to eat to be stored as more fat.  This leads us to insulin.

Insulin is a master hormone and allows nutrients like sugar to enter and exit muscle and liver cells.  It does the same to fat cells.  If insulin levels are normal a person can store food in the form of glycogen and fat, but it can also allow you to release glycogen and fat from cells and burn it up as energy.  However, if insulin levels rise too much which is the case in many overweight people the body becomes wrecked with inflammation (which make you sick) and fat cells lose the ability to release fat.  When insulin levels are too high the body loses the ability to lose fat.

Cortisol is the last hormone in the angry hormone triad.  Cortisol is one bad mother.  This hormone stores unwanted fat at high rate’s, causes muscle to waste away, increases insulin and glucose levels, and slows metabolism.  Cortisol is controlled by a myriad of things.  Sleep, stress, exercise and food all play a role.  Allow this hormone to get angry and weight loss is a no go.

So how do you fix the angry hormone triad?  It’s easier than you think.

Number one is diet.  You must eliminate food that has no nutrients and is high in fructose.  You must add in nutrient dense food (vegetables, fruit, eggs and nuts), anti-inflammatory foods (broccoli, blue berries, and turmeric to name a few) and foods that restore normal gut flora (kim chi, sauerkraut, and greek yogurt).  (E-mail me and I will send you a free E-book loaded with this type of food).

Number two is exercise.  You must get fit.  Not walking fit but truly fit.  Increase muscle and strength with resistance training.  Keep exercise sessions short but intense.  Anaerobic exercise is essential to great health and weight loss.  Some think due to health and joint problems that there is no hope.  You’re wrong!  Everything can be modified as you strengthen the body and gain a level of fitness you once thought impossible.

Number three is sleep.  You must learn to improve the quality of your sleep.  Doing things like turning off most the lights two hours prior to bedtime and sleeping in complete darkness.  (Visit our Facebook page by searching Expect Results Fitness and look for the post 9 Things You Can Do To Get Better Sleep).

Number four is lowering stress.  Easier said than done, but you must determine the source of your stress and develop a plan that will allow you to eliminate it.  It may be developing a budget with Dave Ramsey or seeking parenting help from a counselor.  Stress must be made the servant not the master.

I would love to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.  Contact me at 501-607-4974 and try Fitness Boot Camp for FREE!

Tosha’s Weight Loss Story: No Scale Measures How You Feel!


How do you measure weight loss success?  Sometimes the best way to measure success is how you feel.  Tosha Y has lost weight and inches but the way she measures success is how she feels.  Tosha works hard every day and continues to lift heavier and heavier.  In the process I’ve watched her body change.  She has gotten stronger and toned as a result of her consistency.

So Tosha have you tried to lose weight before?
Yes, I have tried I’m sure almost every weight loss product that is on the market today, and was able to lose a few pounds, but was in no way close of being fit! After the products were stopped the weight came back.

What made you change your focus from weight loss to getting fit?
I wanted to do more than just lose weight, I wanted to get in better shape. I had no energy and started experiencing aches and pains in my joints. Just doing everyday chores were difficult.

What’s been the toughest challenge so far during this time?
Time.  I have days when I get busy & say ” I’m not going to workout today, I will work out tomorrow and before I know it, a whole week has gone by. You must make working out a priority and part of your daily routine.

How do you measure weight loss or fitness success?
I measure my fitness level by the way I feel.  My energy is so much better!  I Honestly couldn’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost, I stopped getting on the scale, but I can definitely feel it!  I can work all night, clean house, come to boot camp and then do a hour of Cardio! There is no scale that can measure how great that feels!

Do you have a diet strategy?
Yes.  I stopped drinking sodas and tea, I now only drink water! I also try to watch my carb intake and eat more vegetables and lean protein.

What are some of your favorite foods?
I love Mexican food, a good steak and salmon.

What is your favorite type of training?
I used to love Cardio, but now I like anything that is going to challenge me. I like weight lifting and running because it challenges me!

Do you have any advice for someone contemplating getting fit and losing weight?
Since I’m still on my journey, I’m in no way close to being in shape, I would say just START! Once I started building up strength and muscle and the endurance that I have right now, there is no way quitting is even an option!

Tosha is a great example of how to measure fitness success without a scale.  Getting fit not only gets you healthy, helps you lose weight, but also makes you feel better.  Thanks for sharing your weight loss story Tosha.

Inspiring Others To Take The Challenge,

7 Foods That Need To Go If Your Serious About Losing Fat!


If you’re trying to lose fat it begins with the food you choose.  Eliminate these 7 foods from your diet and watch your waist and hips disappear and your health improve.

1.  Ditch the cereal for breakfast.  Cereal is killing your fat loss potential.  It doesn’t matter what type of so called healthy cereal you’re eating, as soon as you eat it you store it as fat.  Cereal makes your blood sugar spike which causes insulin to increase moving glycogen into muscles and the liver and storing the rest in fat cells.  Instead eat eggs with diced tomato and sweet peppers.  Add some sausage or ham for extra flavor.

2.  Forget about bread.  Bread is just like cereal and does the same thing.  Eat too much and insulin level increase and stay up.  Too much insulin blocks the body’s ability to release fat to be burned.  Begin using lettuce as your new bun or wrap.  Lettuce is primarily water and fiber and does nothing to your blood sugar but improve its management.

3.  Say good bye to pasta and noodles.  Too many of these refined carbohydrates will quickly put you in blood sugar overload.  Ever wonder why you get sleepy after huge dish of pasta?  It’s your blood sugar crashing due to all those simple carbs.  In addition, you feel hungry within 2-3 hours of eating.  Once the pasta is converted to fat everything in the stomach disappears fast and you feel like you need to eat again.  Instead of pasta use a spiral shredder and make veggie noodles out of zucchini and squash.  They are better for you and barely move the blood sugar needle.

4.  Stop eating rice.  I know you think I am the grain police, but too many grains will make you fat plain and simple.  Rice is another food that’s quickly converted to sugar and stored as fat and raises insulin levels making it impossible to burn fat.  I hope this is sinking in.  Instead shred cauliflower and flavor it with your favorite spices like turmeric, black pepper and a little olive oil.  This is a great food for men and their prostate gland and it contains very few calories.

5.  Get rid of the SODA!  In my opinion you are drinking liquid fat, because at the end of the day that’s what it’s converted to.  Loaded with high fructose corn syrup, it’s a major contributor to many chronic diseases and a leading cause of obesity.  Begin drinking water or tea without the sugar of course.  If you need sweetener in your tea apply the next food on the list.

6.  Throw your sugar and artificial sweetener away.  Pure sugar plays havoc on your blood sugar and insulin levels and by now we know high insulin levels are bad when it comes to fat loss.  As for artificial sweeteners we don’t know the long term effects on the body, however preliminary data tells us it might not be good.  I’ll leave it at that and let you do your own research.  Replace sugar and artificial sweeteners with coconut sugar, raw honey or pure maple syrup.  These sweeteners come from real food and can be beneficial to you.

7.  News Flash….Little Debbie Wants To Make You FAT.  Stop eating baked goods that spike your blood sugar and contain absolutely no nutrients.  If this is your snack of choice you will never lose fat.  Witch to whole food snacks.  Mix almonds, walnuts, raisins and dark chocolate chips and use it as a trail mix snack.  Blend yogurt with peaches or strawberries for a protein rich snack complete with probiotics and antioxidant.

Eliminate these things from your diet and watch the fat melt away easier than you ever thought possible.

Helping You Make Better Choices,


Linda W: 205 lbs is Not Her Weight, It’s What She Dead Lifts!


Sometimes there’s more to getting fit than just losing weight.  Sometimes you may just want to get strong!  Meet Linda W the strongest lady at Boot Camp pound for pound.  Linda has been attending Boot Camp for approximately a year and she has blown up the dead lift.  She currently dead lifts 205 lbs. and could probably lift more.  In the process she has built muscle, gotten stronger and positively changed her body.

So Linda I could tell the first day you dead lifted that you had done this before.  Can you tell us about it? 
Yes, I use to weight lift in my 20’s.   I got married and started having a family and gave up on my lifting.  After turning 40, I starting gaining weight slowly. I tried every diet there is out there, from Jenny Craig, weight watchers, 17 day diet, I can go on and on with the diets. I would lose 5 lbs and gain 10, I was lacking in exercise and had no motivation to get out and do anything.

Did something specific happen that caused you to start training again?
Getting older has made me realize I need to be as healthy as I can get.  I want strong bones and health to take me into my later years.  I don’t want to be one of those people who fall and break a hip.  My goal is to be at my physical best by 60, I only have 3 more years to get there.

Do you have a favorite type of training?
I love weight lifting, it is challenging for me to see how much I can lift.  I also run with a friend, but I do not like running for long periods.

What have been some of the toughest challenges for you so far?
I find the weight loss for me and other ladies over 50 is very hard.   Even now with working out since October the weight for me as not been that much.  I have seen a lot of change in my body size.  I’m one of those people who carries their weight all over, from head to toe.

What can you tell me about your diet strategy?
I typically have 2 egg omelet for breakfast or a Greek yogurt with granola on top.  For lunch I love to eat a grilled chicken on a salad.  I use lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tomato’s.  For the dressing I just use balsamic vinegar.  For dinner, I have a meat and vegetables, either steamed or grilled.  Oh and I have 1 Dr. Pepper a day.

Do you have a favorite meal?
My favorite is Chicken coated with Parmesan cheese, fresh green beans, or frozen when they are not in season and beets.  I typically have to cook my family, some pasta, potatoes or rice to go along with the chicken or they think they are being abused.

How do you measure fitness/weight loss success?
I measure my success, by not giving up on my exercise and sticking to eating properly.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t cheat once in a while, because I do, but I pick up and do the best I can the next day.

Do you have advice for people contemplating starting a fitness journey?
I would tell them to never give up on getting fit.  It gets harder and harder the older you get.  Also, don’t get discouraged when the weight doesn’t fall off as fast as you think it should.  If you eat properly and work out, you will see changes in your body and it will all be worth it.  I have.

Seeing your scale weight decrease is the Holy Grail for most people on a weight loss journey, however I encourage everyone to look at things other than scale weight.  Don’t measure fitness and health success by a number on a scale.  Measure success by how strong you become, measure success by how well you move, measure success by how your clothes fit.  Most important is measure success the way Linda W does, measure it by each day you work hard in the gym and by each meal you eat the right type of food.  Thank you Linda for sharing YOUR story!

Inspiring You To Take the Challenge,