Rachel: Skinny Doesn’t Mean You’re Strong!

Exercising regularly and eating right isn’t always about losing weight.  Sometimes it’s about maintaining your current health, getting stronger and helping support others.  I want to introduce you to the pound for pound strongest lady at Expect Results Fitness.So Rachel how long have you been exercising consistently?

I’ve always struggled being consistent with exercise.  I would run because it was the only thing I knew how to do.  Even when I had a gym membership I would stay on an elliptical or on the treadmill because I was intimidated by other equipment.  I would occasionally attend Zumba class but I didn’t stay consistent with it.  I am proud to say since joining Expect Results Fitness in June of last year I have exercised regularly.

What influenced your decision to get consistent?

I’ve always wanted to be active and healthier and I remember a specific moment in my life where I was not happy with myself and that I needed to do something about it.  I know a lot of people think that I’m already “skinny” and that there’s nothing that I need to change, but being “skinny” doesn’t mean you’re fit and healthy and I wanted to be fit and healthy.  When my friend Cheryl recommended Expect Results Fitness I went and tried it.  I struggled at first, but at the same time I felt good after.  After going consistently for a few weeks and referring other people, someone asked me why I liked working out so much and I remember saying that it’s not like I like working out but rather the feeling I get after the workout.  The workouts continuously challenge me, everyone is supportive, and the feeling of accomplishment I get every time I go is what keeps me consistent.  Having a workout partner Brooke also helps me stay motivated.

What all do you do to stay active?

I go to boot camp 4-6 days per week and am currently training for a ½ marathon.  My best friend (Brooke) and I go for the occasional hike and run.  I run races in the area when I can and walk my dog Spencer.  I also go on runs with my husband Thomas.

What are some of the barriers you encounter and how do you overcome those barriers?

My biggest barriers are finding the time and staying motivated.  Having a full time job, being a full time student and everything in between makes it difficult to stay consistent.  Knowing what your day is going to look like and planning helps me.  In addition, having a back-up plan when your original plan falls apart is very important.  Finding what you enjoy doing and having great people around keeps me motivated.  Brooke my workout buddy keeps me on my toes about going to the gym consistently.

Since becoming consistent with exercise what’s the biggest difference you see in yourself physically and mentally?

Physically I feel stronger and mentally I am happier.  I also believe it helps me stay positive.  Boot Camp has been my therapy.  I know every time I go I won’t regret it and I will feel better than I did before.

How would you classify your current eating habits?

I would classify my eating habits as good.  I know they could be better but I always try to pick healthy options and I’ve also been trying new things that can be an alternative to a not so healthy snack.  I try to improve my diet one choice at a time.

Do you have a diet strategy?

I focus on portion control and finding healthy alternatives to guilty pleasures.

Do you have a favorite go to meal?

I love banana’s, it’s my go to pre-workout snack.  Oatmeal with dried cranberries and raisins are good as well.  After workout I enjoy banana and peanut butter smoothies I make myself.

Do you have advice for someone contemplating starting a fitness journey or advice for someone struggling to stay consistent?

Just go for it!  You will not regret it.  Find something you look forward to doing and surround yourself with great people who support you.  Find an accountability partner, remind yourself that change does not occur overnight, and every time you think about giving up focus on the reason you started in the first place.

I would like to thank Rachel for sharing her story.  I love what she said about being skinny.  I’ve know lots of skinny people who are extremely unhealthy.  Thanks for reminding everyone that health is not a size it’s a state of being.   Total health is about being strong, aerobically fit and all about what you eat every day.  All three of these variables are within every persons control everyday dependent on the choices YOU make.

Inspiring Others To Take The Challenge,

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