Start Small: 5 Diet Objective to Help You Lose Fat!

I’ve had several people ask me how to get rid of fat from stubborn areas on the body.  I wish I could tell you to do this exercise and it would magically vanish but there’s no such exercise.  Stubborn belly or hip fat boils down to diet.  So, instead of providing exercises that won’t work I’ve come up with 5 diet objectives to focus on.  Focus your energy on accomplishing these 5 things daily for 30 days and see improvement.  Do it for 4-6 months and you might see abs or other things you haven’t seen in years.

Objective 1:  Eliminate bread, pasta and white rice from your diet.  You’ve probably heard me say this 1000 times but it’s the honest truth when it comes to fat loss.  Losing fat ultimately boils down to pushing insulin levels as low as possible.  High insulin/blood sugar levels block fat cells from releasing fat.  This is the toughest thing for most people to do, but it works if you have the fortitude to do it.

Objective 2:  Eat at least 4 cups of vegetables per day.  Vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber and are something your body craves.  Vegetables are nutrient dense food that satisfy the body like nothing else due to the vitamins and minerals in them. Focus on getting 4 servings per day and you will find yourself wanting fewer bad foods.

Objective 3:  Take a multivitamin every day!  Research tells us the reason we over eat processed foods are due to the lack of useable vitamins and minerals in the food.   If you are lacking vitamins and minerals that your body needs, it will continuously seek food attempting to get the vitamin and minerals we need.  There are not a lot of vitamins in a honey bun so you will have to eat a truckload to satisfy the bodies demand.  Make sure you use a gummy or liquid vitamin to get the most out of a multivitamin.  Other vitamins tend to go straight through you without providing benefits.  However, you will be amazed at how this alone will curb hunger.

Objective 4:  Eat 3-4 whole eggs per day!   Eggs are the best source of protein you can find and is very low in calories.  In addition, the yolk contains tons of B vitamins that your body craves.  Eggs are a good source of D aspartic acid which is a precursor to testosterone.  This is important for both men and women wanting lose fat.  Increased T levels in men dramatically improve their ability to lose fat quickly.  This is a major reason men tend to lose fat faster than women.  However, women need testosterone as well just in lower doses.  As women age estrogen increases which causes testosterone to decrease as a result women lose muscle mass, bone density and increase fat.  A loss in muscle the primary burner of fat will automatically result in more weight gain.  Eat more broccoli to lower excess estrogen levels and eat more eggs and strength train to increase T levels to lower fat in both sexes.

Objective 5:  Eliminate soda/fruit juice/Gatorade, diet soda and alcohol from your diet.  Soda is a no brainer; everyone knows all that sugar will lead to increased fat.  Diet soda is supposed to be no calories and better for you when losing weight, right.  Wrong, diet soda will increase your craving for sweet meaning you will ultimately eat more sugar as a result.  Not to mention we don’t know the long term effects of artificial sweeteners on the body.  Alcohol is another drink that leads to fat gains.  Alcohol of any kind comes from grains or fruit and is loaded with simple carbs which act much like soda.  However, unlike soda alcohol itself contains additional usable calories which is a double whammy not to mention the loss of inhibition which can lead to binging on certain foods you wouldn’t ordinarily eat.

Sometimes it’s easier to implement change a little at a time.  You may want to implement one objective every two weeks until all 5 are a habit.  Apply these 5 objectives to your daily routine and watch your body fat disappear.  You can’t out exercise a poor diet, make small changes that add up over time.

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