Tosha’s Weight Loss Story: No Scale Measures How You Feel!


How do you measure weight loss success?  Sometimes the best way to measure success is how you feel.  Tosha Y has lost weight and inches but the way she measures success is how she feels.  Tosha works hard every day and continues to lift heavier and heavier.  In the process I’ve watched her body change.  She has gotten stronger and toned as a result of her consistency.

So Tosha have you tried to lose weight before?
Yes, I have tried I’m sure almost every weight loss product that is on the market today, and was able to lose a few pounds, but was in no way close of being fit! After the products were stopped the weight came back.

What made you change your focus from weight loss to getting fit?
I wanted to do more than just lose weight, I wanted to get in better shape. I had no energy and started experiencing aches and pains in my joints. Just doing everyday chores were difficult.

What’s been the toughest challenge so far during this time?
Time.  I have days when I get busy & say ” I’m not going to workout today, I will work out tomorrow and before I know it, a whole week has gone by. You must make working out a priority and part of your daily routine.

How do you measure weight loss or fitness success?
I measure my fitness level by the way I feel.  My energy is so much better!  I Honestly couldn’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost, I stopped getting on the scale, but I can definitely feel it!  I can work all night, clean house, come to boot camp and then do a hour of Cardio! There is no scale that can measure how great that feels!

Do you have a diet strategy?
Yes.  I stopped drinking sodas and tea, I now only drink water! I also try to watch my carb intake and eat more vegetables and lean protein.

What are some of your favorite foods?
I love Mexican food, a good steak and salmon.

What is your favorite type of training?
I used to love Cardio, but now I like anything that is going to challenge me. I like weight lifting and running because it challenges me!

Do you have any advice for someone contemplating getting fit and losing weight?
Since I’m still on my journey, I’m in no way close to being in shape, I would say just START! Once I started building up strength and muscle and the endurance that I have right now, there is no way quitting is even an option!

Tosha is a great example of how to measure fitness success without a scale.  Getting fit not only gets you healthy, helps you lose weight, but also makes you feel better.  Thanks for sharing your weight loss story Tosha.

Inspiring Others To Take The Challenge,

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