Wendy’s: Can She Help You Lose Weight?

I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from the fast food tips so I will keep them coming.  Today I did some research on one of my favorite places.  I fell in love with Ms. Wendy while I was in college and she will always have a special place in my heart and stomach.  Not going to lie I was a little scared to do the research here but Wendy’s has some pretty good choices.  Once again let me say good quality protein, vegetables and fruits are your best choices but if your caught in a pinch and you need a go to, Wendy’s could be the place.

The sausage and egg burrito is your best choice for breakfast.  This tasty burrito contains 270 calories and only 12 grams of carbs.  This could be an excellent way to start your day if you don’t have access to your eggs and sauerkraut.

I was surprised the small vanilla frosty only has 280 calories but is loaded with sugar (47 grams) which makes it a no no if your trying to lose weight.  Half an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad or Half a BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad are both great options.  Both come in at 180 and 210 calories with only 17 grams of carbs  and most of those carbs are good carbs..

The 1/4 lb burger with the bun is a no go at 580 calories and 42 grams of carbs, however trade the bun for lettuce and you reduce the calorie count to 400 and lower the carb count to nearly zero.  Another option is the Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger with the bun its 400 calories and 25 grams or carbs and without the bun its 300 calories and nearly zero carbs.

I’m not a chicken nugget guy but the 6 piece nugget or spicy nugget packs 280 calories and only 15 grams of carbs.  In addition, the Grilled Chicken Go Wrap is 260 calories and 25 grams of carbs.

You can have all the black coffee and unsweetened tea you want but stay away from the other drinks because they are loaded with calories and sugar.

Wendy’s is a restaurant with several choices but doesn’t replace the home kitchen.  Make sure your taking a liquid or gummy vitamin if you are a frequent restaurant visitor.

Helping you make better food choices,

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