Yvonne: It Gets Easier If You Stick With It!

Today I want to introduce you to one the most wonderful most consistent women I know.  Yvonne’s attended boot camp a little over a year and has made considerable health improvements.  In addition, she has made a concerted effort to change her diet the most important part of health.  We sometimes have to trick her into stepping outside her comfort zone but she always handles it like a trooper.  This is Yvonne’s fitness story!


How long have you been exercising consistently?

I started seriously about a year ago.  Before that it was sporadic at best.


What influenced your decision to get dedicated and be consistently active?

There we several factors.  My job is sedentary but very stressful.  I was going through a lot of upheaval in my life and was diagnosed with diabetes and knew I had to do something if I didn’t want the complications associated with diabetes.


How much weight/inches/jean sizes have you lost?  Or/and how much stronger are you?

I am down 2 sizes since I started this journey.  I’m also much stronger.  I remember when I started at ERF and we would do battle ropes I’d have to stop because my arms would give out.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  HA.


What all do you do to stay active?

For me it’s hard in the winter but I still try to walk a little over a mile every day.  When the weather is good I work in the garden and mow my yard.  Yes, I use a push mower.  It’s fun.


What are some of your biggest barriers to staying active and how do you overcome those barriers?

My biggest barrier is winter.  I hate being cold.  So, it makes it a challenge to stay active.  The best way that I overcome is to get into a routine.  If I don’t walk I feel as if I missed something. Of course coming to ERF helps a lot.


Since becoming consistent with your exercise, what’s the biggest change you see in yourself   physically and mentally?    

I have a lot more energy.  I can get more done without feeling I need to take a break.


How would you classify your current eating habits?

I think my eating habits are good.  I’m a label reader.  I know carbs and sugar are my enemies so I make an effort to watch those very closely.


Do you have a specific diet/eating strategy that you follow?

I try to do a modified diabetic diet very little bad carbs and lots of vegetables and nuts.  When I say modified I mean I might eat a hamburger once in a while, but I will get a small hamburger take one of the buns off because I might want to eat 5 fries.  That way I still feel I’ve had a burger and fries but keep my blood sugar under control. It’s not for everyone but it works for me.


Do you have a favorite go to healthy meal or food?

I love fruit specially Mangoes.


Do you have advice for someone contemplating starting a fitness/weight loss journey or advice for someone struggling to stay motivated?

I’d say try to be consistent for at least 3 weeks.  That’s how long it takes to establish a pattern. After that that time I think you’ll feel a change and be motivated to continue.


I want to thank Yvonne for sharing her story with all of us.  She makes three great points everyone can use in their health journey.  Number one, when confronted with a health issue that can be treated with lifestyle the choice is yours to take action and take control of your health.  Number two, learn to read food labels and keep those carbs to a minimum.  Last, set a goal to stay consistent with any lifestyle change for a minimum of three weeks, chances are you will see physical and mental changes that will motivate you to stay with it.  If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes the best thing you can do is educate yourself and take action through exercise and diet.  You can do it. I promise!



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