Laketa: The Most Important Part of Pregnancy Might be Exercise?


Today I want to introduce you to a very special lady, Laketa.  Laketa was one of my first boot camp members and early on we spent many mornings together just the two of us working out.  Looking at my 5:30 class today it’s hard to believe it was ever that small.  Laketa and her husband found out they were expecting their first child around September/October 2015-time frame.  Laketa continued to train right up to about two weeks before she delivered a beautiful and healthy little girl Eden.  Today I want to tell Laketa’s fitness/pregnancy story.

So, how long did you consistently exercise before becoming pregnant?
I’ve been exercising for number of years.  Being in the military, it’s part of my job to remain physically fit.  So I take it very seriously.

What influenced your decision to continue to work out even while pregnant?
Since joining Expect Results Fitness I’ve become stronger and faster which helped me with PT tests.  I didn’t want to lose everything that I had been working towards.  Initially I was just going through the motions, and realized that I could continue with the workouts, and modify the exercises if needed.  My goal was to exercise at least 4 days a week.  I knew that it was important to keep moving throughout my pregnancy.

What were some of your biggest barriers to staying active while pregnant and how did you overcome those barriers?
I love the 0530 boot camp class because it’s a great start for my day, and gives me energy throughout the day.  My first trimester, there were mornings that I started to feel nauseous or was too tired, but when I rolled out of bed and made the drive from Searcy I ALWAYS felt better.  With morning workouts, the most challenging part is getting out of bed, after that it’s easy because after a good workout you feel ready to conquer the day.  Another barrier was that my doctor didn’t want me to do any exercises after the first trimester, that required me to be on my back.  However, all exercises can be modified to accommodate pregnancy.

How did being fit and eating right impact your pregnancy/delivery?
Being fit and eating right helped me with every area of my pregnancy.  I didn’t have morning sickness, swelling, high blood pressure, or excessive weight gain because I stayed active.  Bootcamp helped me build endurance that I needed for delivery of my baby girl, Eden.

How has being fit impacted your post-delivery?
I’m so glad that I was able to stick with a fitness regimen because it kept my weight down.  Two weeks after my delivery I was back to my original size and weight, and recovered a lot faster than I expected.

Do you have advice for other expectant mothers or women who are planning to have baby’s in the near future?
Every pregnancy is different so listen to your body first; if something doesn’t feel right stop and seek advice from a medical professional.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are moving slower, lifting less weight, or can’t do all the exercises.  The important thing is continue being active and eat responsibly.  Staying healthy is the best thing that you can do for you and your baby.  Make it your goal to keep moving because it’s easier to maintain your fitness than trying to get it back.

What’s your next/future goals?
Now that I’m getting back to boot camp I plan on focusing on building back up my endurance and strength.  I’m looking forward to doing sprints, lifting heavy weights again, and building my core back up.

Laketa thanks for sharing your story with us.  You are an inspiration to expectant mom’s everywhere and just goes to show how important staying fit and strong is even when you’re pregnant.  We all look forward to seeing you and pictures of Eden when you get back to Boot Camp.
Inspiring Others to Take the Challenge,

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