A Little Extra Work: How to Improve Trouble Area’s

I know many of you have heard me say this but it’s true.  Forget about your scale weight and concentrate on losing inches and gaining muscle.  Muscle fuels metabolism and helps turn you into a fat burning machine.  If your unhappy with a part of your body instead of focusing on a number on a scale, focus on increasing muscle at or around that area.  For instance, many of you are unhappy with their chicken wings that jiggle.  The only thing that’s going to fix the jiggle is building muscle in the triceps and biceps.  Some folks are unhappy with their derriere.  Stop worrying about the size and concentrate on the lift.  If things are headed north you’re in good shape, just avoid the saggy south.  Finally, many of you want to eliminate your gut, this must be attacked from all three sides.  With that said let’s give you some additional work to hit those trouble areas.

Getting Rid of the Arm Jiggle

Toning arms and getting rid of the jiggles is probably one of the easiest things to do if your disciplined enough to be consistent with the training.  Add this to your training 2-3 days per week.

Exercise                                    Weight          Sets                       Reps

Close Grip Bench Press             Mod              3-4                          20

Row                              Feet Close to Wall      3-4                          10-15

Triceps Extensions              Heavy/Mod        5-6                          10-20

Dumbbell Biceps Curls        Heavy/Mod         5-6                          10-20

Getting Rid of the Other Jiggle

Keeping things firm on the backend requires the same discipline just different exercises.  Many of these we already do at Boot Camp but you may need to add an exercise, a few more sets or reps to your training 2-3 days per week.

*If you don’t want your legs to grow but want the backside firm use less or no weight and more reps.

Exercise                                  Weight               Sets                       Reps

Squats                                   Heavy/Mod          4-6                          10-20

Lunges                                  Mod/Body            4-6                          10-15

Band Walks                            Heavy                  4-6                          10-15

Bulgarian Squats               Mod/BodyWt            3-4                          10-15

Pelvic/Hip Bridge            Mod/Body Wt              4-6                          15-20

Removing the Keg to See the 6 Pack

The gut is a different animal.  You can do the perfect ab routine and your abs are going to look tight, but you won’t see them if they are covered with a layer or two of fat.  Great looking abs require a low carb/high fat diet, total body strength training and 10-20 minutes of high intensity cardio 3-5 days per week.  Improving your abs require the whole diet/fitness approach.

Exercise                                  Weight                Sets                       Reps

Low Carb/High Fat Diet  Less than 50g Carbs  3 meals                 Everyday

Bench Press/Push-ups         Mod/Heavy              4-6                          8-12

Shoulder Press                      Mod/Heavy               4-6                          8-12

Row                                       Mod/Heavy                4-6                          8-12

Lat Pull/Pull-ups                 Mod/Heavy                 4-6                          8-12

Squats                                   Mod/Heavy                 4-6                          10-20

Lunges                                  Mod/Heavy                 4-6                          10-20

Starfish Crunch                                                       4-6                          20-30

Circle Crunch                                    4-6                          10-15 each direction

Knee to Elbow Plank                                               4-6                          10-20

Run/Walk fast for 20-30 sec then run/walk slow for 1 minute.  Repeat this for 15-20 minutes 3-5 days per week.

The Little Things

Much of this will look the same as boot camp but a little extra work in trouble area’s will help you reach your goals.  Whether it’s a little extra arm work, a few extra lunges or squats, some additional road/track work or really counting and lowering those carbs, it’s all about doing the little things every day that makes the difference over time.

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