Why Sauerkraut is Important to Health and Weight Loss!


Weight loss and getting fit are great, but the whole reason for losing weight and getting fit is to improve your overall health.  I want to help all my clients and people who read my newsletters and blog improve their overall health.  I spoke to one of my neighbors a few months ago about the importance of probiotics and adding fermented sauerkraut to his diet.  He stopped me today to tell me what a difference it’s made for him and his wife and their auto-immune issues.  They take turmeric as well.

Everyone should eat sauerkraut or some other fermented vegetable every day.  Why?  Most Americans don’t have enough good gut bacteria and as a result sits us up for a health problem called leaky gut syndrome.   What you need to know is leaky gut syndrome can cause a host of autoimmune diseases to include arthritis, psoriasis, IBS, and others.  Improving your good gut bacteria is the first step to re-taking your health.

Fermented sauerkraut contains about 20 times more probiotics than pills and works far more efficient at restoring gut health.  Make sure the sauerkraut you eat is fermented and don’t cook it.  Cooking it will kill the bacteria that help you.

Below are just a few other reasons sauerkraut should be a part of your diet.

• Contains Vitamin A which is assist with healthy vision, teeth, skeletal tissue and skin
• Contains Vitamin C which contributes to immune health, is an antioxidant, and assist with wound healing
• Uncooked/Unpasteurized sauerkraut contain probiotics that’s extremely beneficial to the digestive tract replacing good bacteria
• Helps synthesize B vitamins for use
• Great source of fiber that protects the body from heart disease and cancer
• Good source of Vitamin K; needed for blood clotting, helps build strong bones, potentially lowers risk for heart disease and cancer
• Contains iron which increase O2 carrying capacity, increases energy, brain function and muscle function

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